How Augmented Reality Can Be Applied in Modern Life?


Augmented Reality is a technology that combines virtual reality with the real world. This technology enables digital images to be enhanced with computer graphics in order to give more useful information. These computer-generated images can be used in a variety of places to showcase different things. Over the last few years, developers have been finding new ways and applications of using augmented reality equipment. Some of the ways are described in this post. Get more information about business analytics consulting.

Augmented reality is gradually cementing its place in navigation. GPS and maps applications are using augmented reality to label places on maps as well as show directions to areas where you are going. With the technology now available on smartphones, you will just be able to point your camera at a physical feature or building and get information regarding it. This way, tourists can be able to make their way out of places they don’t know when lost. It also equips users with more information regarding the roads. For more information about the iot consulting, follow the link.

In sightseeing, Augmented Reality provides a much better angle than thought of previously. You are now able to augment a live feed of a popular place in order to get more information on the same. This means that you will be able to tour places on your own without the help of a tour guide, yet learn just as much. From the image generated on the screen using Augmented Reality, you can interact with its 3D display and learn more things about it. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making Augmented Reality work in sightseeing and more are being developed daily.

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In the military, Augmented Reality has been in use for quite some time. This technology has enabled development of the Heads-Up Display (HUD) which is a technology that broadcasts a transparent display just in front of the pilot’s view. There is a lot of information that can be fitted in this display and at present, this includes things such as the horizon line, altitude, airspeed, and other critical data.

In the medical field, augmented reality is used to educate students. Critical issues like practicing surgery has been done on a controlled environment through this technology to aid students learn better and reduce chances for error. Visualization and explaining complex information to patients is also another application of Augmented Reality where this technology has proved successful. Despite all these applications, Augmented Reality has not yet been used to full potential and more applications are being developed to solve complex issues using this technology.


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